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Captain Mike Roman

Captain Mike Roman was born and raised in New Jersey, and it was here where his fishing career first began. Just like his family before him, this 3rd generation fisherman began his working day on the sea at the young age of 12 as a ‘pin-head,’ bottom dredging on the scallop boats. His passion for fishing has taken him all around the world from Texas, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, and Africa, just to name a few.
He finally landed in sunny San Diego where he dreamed of moving to pursue his passion of working on the countries premier fishing fleet.  He began learning the waters in and around San Diego just over 17 years ago as a deck hand on many of San Diego’s most prized sport fishing boats out of Fisherman’s Landing.  His hard work, drive to succeed, and keen ability to find the fish quickly escalated his job title to Captain.  He gained his 100 ton license certification in 2005 and has been at the helm ever since.  With a strong background as a highly successful captain with far reaching ties within the local sport fishing community, Mike has honed his skills and his finely tuned knowledge to ensure that you and your guest will a memorable fishing experience aboard the NOMAD.

 Mike Sorr is also a New Jersey native that found his calling on the ocean.  In 2009, he moved to Florida to pursue further education as well as getting out on the water whenever he could.  Continuing his pursuit of becoming a successful commercial fisherman, he worked as a deckhand on a private charter boat out of Boca Raton.  In 2016, Mike finally made the move to San Diego to continue his passion for fishing in the famous off shore fishing waters of southern California.

It is due to Mike’s energy, fun personality, intense work ethic, and overall passion for fishing that makes him the best deckhand in San Diego and the perfect addition to your charter aboard the Nomad.

Captain Mike Sorr